Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

Two fimo-decorated bottles...

Sooo, finally you here a word from me (Lachafa), too. After some posts from Saraccino, I tought it was time to upload some of my works. :)
At first I wanted to show you two things I made sponatiously, I think they came out sweet.
So, this are two tiny (yeah, empty!) bottles of vodka decorated each with one polymer clay-made lizard.This was my first one. I didn't plan to put it on the bottle first, but when I spontaniously tried to, it fit very well and looked cute.Aaand here's the second one. It has less girly colours since I made it for my boyfriend. :DI like the picture where you see the "back" of the bottle and the downside of the lizard. I think it will look marvelous with some coloured liquid inside.

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