Mittwoch, 9. September 2009


This was inspired after the book of Christi Friesen "Under the sea". I cannot wait for the next book to arrive. It will be "Down under".

The most importent thing I learned of her is to adjust pearls for decoration of your workpiece (made out of fimo / polymer clay) with wire. Just turn a little piece of it through the hole of the pearl, twist ends together, so there is only one strand and use this strand like an anchor for setting the pearl into the clay. And even if it may fall out afterwards, with these wire / anchor you can clue back and the clue will get a stronger hold inside the fimo.

The other (also most important thing... I know, this may be a little bit contradictory... but at least Lachafa will understand) thing I really apreciate (and don't really know why we didn't discover / try it on our own) is that more... is sometimes really just more! Never refrain from putting some more decoration stuff on your workpiece! Here a bobble, there a pearl, here a string and there a curl...

The basic for the seahorse was also a mixture of different colours of fimo. I will try to make a new foto (as soon as somebody will lend me his digicam...) because the coloring of the seahorse is not a true one although the picture was taken at daylight.

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