Mittwoch, 9. September 2009

Octopus number 3 - the small blue one

As you may already noticed, all my tentacle critters have these nice evil look. I adore them for it and wouldn't have it otherwise. Here I worked with dark blue Fimo (polymer clay). I never use a single color for the body but work some different, a little bit contrasting colors into it. You can see it especially at the pictures of the first one. These textures are never really obvious but I think the make all the difference in the end. I also used acrlyc paint for the blue one (I am still afraid to use any of it on my first one... it is, after all, the first... although I think it just would gain of it...). Paint it on, scrub it of... Just several rounds of it until I was satisfied with the result.
The upper fotos are showing a little bit a too light blue and the lower ones are a little bit to violett. The color is something in between.
The red and the blue one.
All three together!

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