Sonntag, 13. April 2014

"Curious Beader Spring '14 Challenge" - or - A little bit of everything!

Okay, that took a while.... taking the images as well as going through them just to see if any of them could be shown. *sighs* I know, I know... I should finally decide which camera I should buy. 

To make it worse: These earrings are just so hard to capture on a photo! Honestly, I don't like any of the images because I didn't manage on a single one to give you really an idea how beautiful they move and how magical they are! (and my camera simply gives up at the contrast from the blue silk to the lighter colours... grrrrr!)

A little bit of bohemian or tribal for me... as I like to dance, I would even say urban tribal, even if this is rather a dance style than a jewelery style but for me they fit in the same aesthetics. 

They were made for the "Curious Beader Spring '14 Challenge" Rebecca started on her facebook group "Curious beaders" (fitting to her Bead shop "The Curious Bead Shop"). A lot of the beads I used I bought from her shop! As well as beads I bought from a destash on fb, from my stash as well as some recycled from old jewelery! We had to chose a design pallete from This was mine:

And yes, even if it is just a tiny wee bit, you can find every colour! I actually started finding all the beads and material in the fitting colours and then just combined them. By the way, do you see the hammered metal pin ends? Ha! Going on my way to nerve wreck my neighbours with hammering metal ^^

I made this image to give you at least a feel of their movement and how all the beads play together in the light. (I am aware how strange this sounds but I really, really tried to catch an impression!)


  1. It is too bad you are unhappy with your photos, I think they are quite beautiful, Claire. Especially the last one is very cool :)

  2. Love the inspiration photo, and how you translated it. Swingy and bold with lots of antiquity!

  3. oooooh, ich will solche ohrringe bitte!!!!!1 :) deine schwester



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