Montag, 7. April 2014

BSBP - What I send (including some new beads I made)

These are the three art beads made by me included in the bead soup. The shell you may have already seen on my blog. It was sitting on my table when I put my bead soup together and somehow it resonated perfectly with the colour and just... you know... had to be part of the soup! The other two beads are the ones I planned and made just for the bead soup as soon as I signed in (so way before knowing my partner. Lori suggested starting the soup together before). One toggle clasp and a pendant. The pendant had a new shape for me but the pattern suggested this one so strongly!

And here all the parts of the bead soup I send together in one picture...

...and the details!

I always want to see the backside of beads too so I try not to forget to also always show the back of my beads :)

The pendant has three beading holes, two at the side on top and one in the middle. 

This would leave the option to dangle something at the pendant... but you don't have to because at the front the hole blends into the pattern. No, that was not on purpose even if I would love to say that it was. Just luck!

Some of my old czech glas beads I got from Rumpels mum.

Handwoven silk from thailand, waxed cotton and some chain...

More from my old beads (the tiny blue ones!) and just a collection of different shades of blue and size beads...

Metall elements to play and a lightbulb clasp from Rebecca from The Curious Bead Shop....

All the blue, all the green, all the violet... Yes, Natalie and I seem really to have the same favorite colours! We could have perfectly have combined both our soups into one. So much for starting my soup before I knew who my partner would be. Lori has a good sense for pairing people, thanks so much :)

And more czech glass beads, all of these beauties I got also from Rebecca!


  1. You like blue, Claire? What a surprise LOL. Your soup will be delicious, I'm sure :)

  2. wowie, da wird sich aber jemand freuen! finde die kleinen kärtchen dazu auch toll :)
    liebe grüße!

  3. Ich habe gestern durch Zufall deinen Blog entdeckt und schon die Posts von einigen Jahren durchgeschaut. Wow! Für mich fallen deine Werke nicht unter "stuff", sondern definitiv unter Kunst!
    Bei deinen Katzenpostings habe ich mich dir gelächelt und geweint.
    Ich habe auch einen schwarzen Kater, Halblanghaar, der den deinen sehr ähnlich sieht. Und noch vier andere Katzen. Und ich liebe diese Tiere genauso abgöttisch wie du. Ich kann den Schmerz beim Tod eines Haustieres/besten Gefährten absolut nachvollziehen. Und wenn andere einen für verrückt halten - und wenn! (das tun sie sowieso ;))
    Liebe Grüße aus dem Nachbarland ;)

  4. I LOVE my soup Claire - thank you so so much - I've already made 3 items and have so many more ideas... Can't wait to show you what I've done xx Nat



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