Sonntag, 6. April 2014

BSBP - What came overseas!

I am participating in the 8th "Bead Soup Blog Party" (BSBP) created and hosted by Lori! Have a look at the blog and/or join the facebook group "Bead Soup Cafe". I already watched the past BSBPs and last year missed it due to my stay in Korea. But this year, finally, I managed to sign up in time (just one day sign up but with weeks of warning ;))!

In short: sign up day february 9th / partners announced february 28th (or a little bit later ^^) / sending beads by march 14th / Blog party may 3rd!

You will send your partner a focal bead, a clasp and corresponding beads. High quality and artisan beads that you would love to receive by yourself! 

My partner is Natalie from NewZealand (how great, that is really the opposite from where I live on the world :)) and what you see at the first picture is the bead soup she send to me! Inspired by the ocean and NewZealand. One of the ideas of the BSBP is that the soup is already put together before you know your partner so that you are not choosing the favorite material/beads/colours of your partner. Instead maybe giving your partner a great challenge by having to work with these suprise beads. In this case that won't be a challenge at all for me... because... Natalie send me beads in colours (and a theme!) I just love and already integrated in my work over and over. How beautiful are all the shades of blue and green and purple?! Thank you Natalie! :)

Natalies blog is "NorthShore Days". She lives together with her two kids and her husband at the coast. Uhm... of course I stalked her after getting her address using google maps! ^^ To live so close at the ocean is really a dream! More than understandable how much this influences her work and her bead soup. 

I asked her if it would be okay if I show some of her work and images in my blog so I could show it to you (as you may already guessed by seeing her images here, she said yes). I linked all the images so you will go directly to the blog post!

Birds, you never ever go wrong with whimsical birds!

Upcycled cork, I love the colours and the look!

And the cute layered necklaces she makes. She also shows a lot of tutorials on her blog including one for these necklaces :)

Back to my bead soup... :)

The beads came together with more (non-bead) goodies for me! Like the beads a touch of New Zealand. A fabric bag with a beautiful print, chocolate and a sweet necklace made by Natalie. Have a closer look at the flower in the cabochon! Recognize the flower? :)

You know me. Sometimes I can't get enough picture... or rather am nearly completely missing any editing skills ^^

Different shapes of glass beads all in green and blue!

Purple shining in the mother of pearls...

...and facetted with veins of red and blue (can you see it?).

I already know how I will combine these little ones! ^^

3 Kommentare:

  1. You got some gorgeous beads to work with. I am expecting great things!

  2. Jealous... her stuff is awesome :) I think I saw her blog way back on a tutorial site (a nail polish something or other??) May 3rd is going to be SOOOO cool :)

  3. Haha Claire - you stalked me...hahaha. I love it!!!! I hope you enjoy the soup, I can't wait to see what you create. Love your pics xxx Nat



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