Montag, 4. Februar 2013

On the streets: Critters (Gwangju, South Corea)

See the little ants? I was on my way home after my first evening (after my first few hours!) in gwangju. I was invited for my first dinner in a restaurant which prepared and served traditional corean food. They asked me in advance what I would like to try and therefor they chose this restaurant for me. It was so great! There were so many different kinds of vegetables, of seafood and also meat, of sauces and soups.  There was also nothing which was too hot! Spicy, oh yes, really spicy! But only for the moment of taste, there is no burning afterwards! I was introduced into the people I will work together for the next time. It will really be an exchange, because there are things, tips and tricks, which I brought with me and also there are the same things I will learn here. This is a nice balance to give and receive at the same time and I believe this will be a good basis for working together. 

The ants seem to belong to this art studio! lack on the walls and white on the ground. 

It just made me smile to find such thoughtful street art on my first evening at the other side of the world (for me ^^). 

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  1. Interesting street art, for sure. How fun that you get to travel. Hope you have a great time!



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