Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

On my way to south corea...!

...or rather: My first life sign! Because I'm already here since tuesday evening (corean time, what would be +8 hours to germany). The last days were so full of meeting new people, so many new impressions and so much to do! I really fell so welcome by everybody! 

This is the plane waiting in frankfurt (Main, germany) which took me to Seoul, Gimpo, south corea. 10.30 h but the fly back will be even longer (11.45 h) because it will be with and not against earth rotation. Most of the time it was dark outside. Except for the last one or two hours when we were above china... over the gobi desert. It was such a stunning view! I was not able to take pictures because my camera was not able to handle this bright view: The sun above snow and ice. In every direction you could only see white. The snow was covering everything. There was nothing else than snow. Such a strange view, even perfect for a science fiction film like "ice planet" because it also looked so strange. Nothing was there to hold the view. No wood, nothing manmade, no mountains, no sea... just plain white snow. Often the snow formed interesting structures due to the wind. 

From Seoul the way went to Gwangju, where I will live the next two months. I am situated in an apartment owned by the university. I will share it with a PhD student (I know him because he works in a group of a friend of me in leipzig) but at the moment I am still on my own. Just some first impressions from the apartment (I will take more as soon as the weather is better). 

And the view outside the apartment (to the back). Also I will change this with better fotos. You see how cloudy it was and also with a lot of fog around us. We are quite high! But it is so nice to have forest and mountains around you! And don't forget: It is also winter time in south corea!

More over the next days, because I also already was on Jeju island which is a unesco world heritage site and also listed as one of the seven new natural world wonders. But at first I have to go through the pictures and also get more used to some corean words. Up until now I can only say hello and thanks and that is not enough! ^^

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  1. Your apartment looks peaceful and nice! And the foggy forested mountains, what a pretty view. I'm so happy you feel welcomed, it sounds like such an exciting time. Haeng-un jaemiga!



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