Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

Inspirations: Strange new years flowers... (Leipzig)

I took this pictures at the first day of this year... This is some strange colour powder or something like this from fireworks. All the spots of this very bright colours seemed so strange between the snow and the barren trees.

I know it was a little bit quiet in my blog the last few days. There are some changes in my life at the moment, some things which are not easy and although I have to make stuff to keep me sane ^^ there is sometimes not enough left from the day (or my energy).

But I'll try to change this again (for my own sake) :)


  1. Very strange and cool photos! Hope you find ways to manage the new things happening in your life, and feel peaceful and happy. Perhaps more tentacles (when you have time). Here I am sending several hugs via internet! - Michelle

  2. I despise fireworks, but this effect is pretty cool!
    Hopefully whatever changes you are going through, you will come out stronger at the end.
    I hate change, but it forms a person (not that you needed forming, luv ya!)



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