Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Inspirations: Material (Paperstuff + tags)

This blog entry is a little collection about the materials which inspires me and in this case especially about paperstuff. You can see in the first picture a lot of the small paper items I am making. I just tried out several things like stamping with black ink on colourful backgrounds or painting on these backgrounds or putting an picture with adhesive tape on it (have a look here for how I am doing this :) ).

The most important thing is the paper I used.

This was made with artistic water colours. I just paint a lot of green and blue colors in stripes next to each other and afterwards put some silver on top. Nothing more...

Here the whole paper.

You can do this with a lot of colours...

...and if you add salt (really just normal salt nothing special) on top of the still wet water colours you get this effect!

I have quite often now coloured my papers with coffee (like here) but now I tried a paper tissue. The cool result is that after drying it doesn't get so hard like normal paper but remains some of it softness. Therefor it may be useable for a lot more crafting projects than normal coffee coloured paper.

After drying I wrote a little bit with a white laquer pen in it. I love the effect!

I get a lot of this cardboard. It was used as packaging material and it is really easy to work with. It is about 1 mm thick and I use it also for postcards and things like this. Not so stable like the cardboard I used for my filofax page one but comes close (although that cardboard was also old packaging stuff). I was a little bit beside myself therefor I decided just to cut out a lot of tags.

You know, I am still waiting for my "Verpackungslizenz" something like a packing licence where you pay for the disposals of all the stuff you are using for packing and stuffing. You need one in germany if you want to sell thing... Besides all the other licences and stuff... and it is expensive. There is no difference whether you are selling a little bit of stuff beside your other livings or if you are a big company. Same application... (No, I don't have more than 1000 employees... and so on). Mmpf....

But as soon as I get my licence I'll open my little tentacle shop ^^ So being not in a very creative mood but still have my last year resolution to do at least a tiny thing a day, I though I could make a lot of tags. For the things I may sell one day (hopefully) or just to have some at hand for wrapping of gifts.

I cut out a lot of shapes freehand and punched little holes into them. I don't thing that the shapes have to be even. In the opposite... there is something more appaling for me in the little imperfections.

I glued black cardboard on some. For the black cardboard with the writing I just wrote with a white laquer pen on a bigger sheet and cut them afterwards. Yes, there is a meaning but I don't thing that ever again it could be deciphered ^^

On some other I started just doodling around with my pen...

Or I used the wrapping of the big Lindor balls from Lindt (Yes, I am addicted to them!). The red ones are from the Lindor with milk chocolate and the black ones from the Lindor with dark chocolate. I am not too much into milk chocolate it's too sweet for me but my exception for this is Lindor! (But still prefer the ones with dark chocolate ^^).

I cut out the pieces from the wrappings I liked and glued them down with double side adhesive tape.

...and then I doodled more...

...and more...

At the end I even made a little plastic flower (like these ones) and glued it onto one tag.


  1. What a collection of cool paper art! I especially love the coffee-stained paper with white script!!! In fact, I love all the things with white pen, they are just the prettiest! I really want you to open a shop, I can only imagine how beautiful it would be. Good luck with the red tape!

  2. I love your tags! They are so creative.

  3. Thanks :) And they are so easy to make!

  4. And you could extend this great idea to make business cards, too!! Have you tried spritzing alcohol on any of the paint?

  5. These are ALL amazing! Love all the colors and textues of the tags and paper. Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!

  6. Very creative and fun. Love this idea very much. Thanks.

  7. Oooooo, paper goodies! I'm with Michelle, I love the coffee-stained ones with the white pen. I can really imagine these as part of a bigger mixed-media piece.



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