Donnerstag, 1. April 2010

Get the octopus on the dress!

First impressions!

Lachafas turqoise octopus!

The last pictures will be made tomorrow... at a time point when there is some daylight back! But before that just some pictures of the process. This time the octopus is a turqoise one and to be painted on a dress of Lachafa. I glued just two freezer papers together for getting the right size (no, I just have the DinA4 size here... and it is the only size I can get easily with amazon....).

The stencil made out of freezer paper... and a new blade for the cutting knife again (I can count just one per stencil :( ...)

Preperation of the dress with the stencil for painting...

Do you see tentacles...?

Lachafa wanted another tentacle stuff on the shoulder part of the dress. It is a tentacle with to ends... on at the front and one at the back... and never forget to add all the little suckers!

Leftovers... (yes... still only one time usable...)

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  1. this is awesome, inspired me to design something similar.. i stencil bomb and this would be right up that alley. Found you by googling Octopus Stencil. Love your blog, i jus wrote one myself actually.



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