Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

Experiments with material...

...this time: Marble colour on fimo (polymer clay, already backed)

This marble colour stuff is really strange. This paint is just... hu... I don't think kids should work with this! Never! Let alone the smell being a little bit acid... brrr... every nerve is getting hit by this (used to work careful with certain substances with similar smell in the lab..)!

But nevertheless... it is also addicting! One just wants to put everything in this paint! Fabric, paper, small glass bottler, beads... and the fimo elements lachafa just baked.. they were there so they went into this marble colour paint ^^

At first I though due to the plasticiser and softener in the fimo it would never cure. And day after day it was still... wet and soft and... stinky....!

But now, maybe a week later, it cured completly and got this really great and nice and shiny and smooth (and... and... and...) finish! I love it! Better than laquered...!

I just want to touch it all the time :)

PS: I don't think that working with the marble easy paint is good for your own health... but it is a lot of fun! For sure ^^

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