Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

Experiments... with polymer clay and silver solder

Another bird skull made with polymer clay and my new surface treatment. Just a few fast pictures because the skull and the ring were for a friend and just finished before she left again and... just in that moment my digi camera run out of energy. At least I got a few pictures ^^

I have to admit that I really like this simplified, maybe (if it wasn't for the surface) even comic-like shape. Due to the crackles and colours it rather gets a tribal look for me. I'll have to make more!

The only useable... at least you get an impression... picture from my first ever made silver ring! Okay, silver filled with copper.... but still! Hammered, soldered, oxidised with liver of sulphur... at the same time easier and more difficult than I thought but I learned a lot! One day it will all go together, the polymer clay, the metal etching, the soldering, the recycling, the fabric and of course all the beads!

And everything else I may find ^^


  1. Die Oberfläche von dem Schädelchen sieht ja wirklich toll aus - das gibt dem Stück so was gediegen Gruseliges. =)
    Und soweit man das einschätzen kann, ist der Silberring auch sehr schön. :)

  2. Your skull bead is amazing, love the shape and the crackles!



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