Donnerstag, 7. November 2013

Inspirations: On the streets (Leipzig)

Sometimes there are pictures that take you by surprise. This one did this for me! Even seeing the person (she made it all alone in only a few days!) creating the picture it moved on so fast! I wanted to make a photo of her creation process but just forgetting my digi cam for some days and my chace to "capture" her was over. 

The left way is my way to and from work (just for walking or going by bike). It is in the bio city of leipzig next to the BBZ. There are other research institutes and companies around, from Fraunhofer to MPI. The painted building itself is one of the few without research facilities inside. It is in urgent need of repairs. Maybe this is why they allowed her to paint it. I don't think she was paid for it. 

Here you can see the empty space on the left side (before the explosion of colour!). I took this picture as an inspirational photo of the golden "spike" of the building in the back. I also love the shades of red of the building to the right. This time a really new building (one or two years old) with a lot of laboratories inside. This building is especially for small biotech companies to rent necessary working space.

I will have to take another picture as soon as the sun comes out again. So maybe... after the winter! ^^ Her signature is at the bottom to the left side. I'll also try to get a sharp image of that.

But just look at the details (even if the details are really big)! Shades from colour going into each other, shapes that look like splashes of paint, all the lines moving around...! It is huge!

My mind is already working on this, the colours, the shapes and the surprising location on the greay and old building... it makes me smile!

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  1. What beauty! I love how it turns a gray dark day into something amazing.



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