Freitag, 14. Dezember 2012

Advent calendar - 10th

This is metall foil / leaf on dark brown polymer clay. You don't need any glue because the foil will stick to the polymer clay! I rolled it out a little bit to get the cracked look. I baked the polymer clay (using fimo classic), added a layer of liquid polymer clay (fimo) and baked it again. Regaring how thick the layer of the liquid polymer clay is as well as the kind of metall foil you are using, the metall foil may change its colour! You see that in the middle it has a different shade of gold than around the edges? The effect is reproducible! At last step(s) I added several alyers of shiny gloss to get the transparent effect of the liquid polymer clay. Others are heating it up again with a heating gun... but that is overheating and the fumes which are created are really not the best for ones health. The shiny gloss or lacquer works for me! :)

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