Montag, 2. Februar 2015

"With ease" - Earrings

This beads were part of one of Rebeccas beads kits. This one was called "Copper beeches" and all the beads I used were included.

Okay... that is not completely true. I just saw that I forgot to mentioned the seed beads I used. Not sure if you can see them but I needed them to gold everything in place and "round up" the general shape.

I had a hard time with the flower beads. They are lovely but the combination of colour and shape is not one that would normally be on my work table. But this is also the reason why I love the monthly bead kit. It is a regular challenge to get out of my comfort zone. Also with all the beads whether I would have chosen them or not being beautiful it is only a moderate not a hardcore challenge (expect for yellow - this colour always provides a hardcore challenge!).

They are sweet and lovely earrings with movement and due to the copper bead a subtle sparkle. Even thought they were a challenge for to create I called them "With ease" because of the ease and playfulness they now have. Not the slightest hint of the challenge they were ;)

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